Sacks Orthodontics Reviews

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Sacks Orthodontics Reviews

At Sacks Orthodontics, orthodontist Dr. Eric Sacks and his orthodontic team gauge our success by our patients’ smiles and happiness. We do anything and everything possible to make the experience pleasant, rewarding, and fun!

In the proper hands, the orthodontic experience is generally enjoyable and treatment is incredibly beneficial. Orthodontics is a non-invasive way to dramatically enhance dental and facial cosmetics with minimal or no discomfort, and the results can last a lifetime!


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"Excellent work done by Dr Sacks and entire support team. in the last 3 years we have seen how the teeth are now aligned properly. Thank you very much"

Review Verified on 5/29/2018
"Nice staff! Always felt in good hands. Well done"

Review Verified on 5/17/2018
"I was searching for a orthodontist for months and Dr. Sacks office popped up on google so I called for a consultation, from the moment i walked in I felt so comfortable and ready to book my appointment. Throughout my two years going to Dr. Sacks office everything was AMAZING, the ladies at the front desk and the rest of the team helped me with a lot and I thank them for that. Dr. Sacks is one person I can honestly say he’s incredible, laidback, and funny. IM SO GLAD I PICKED HIS OFFICE."

Review Verified on 5/2/2018
"Dr sacks and the lovely staff did a great job making my teeth straight and giving me a great smile , I had a great experience"

Review Verified on 4/30/2018
"You guys rock!!! People there are so nice ... thanks"

Review Verified on 4/7/2018
"I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Sacks and the entire staff are great. The office manages appointments well. Over the past 2 years, with appointments every 4-6 weeks, I have only had to wait more than 5 min a handful of times."

Review Verified on 3/28/2018
"Dr Sacks is very friendly and knows what he is doing!"

Review Verified on 3/10/2018
"Wonderful experience. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 3/9/2018
"Excellent job. My daughter now has a beautiful smile and looks so grown up. Thank you to Dr. Sacks and all the great staff"

Review Verified on 2/23/2018
"We had a great experience at Dr Sacks. The staff and technicians are excellent. We always got our appointments on time, especially those after school. Dr Sacks adviced us appropriately all through the treatment. We are very pleased with the results."

Review Verified on 2/22/2018
"These are the best people! From the front office to everyone in the back. Super nice, super caring and my daughters teeth look amazing!!! I did a lot of research ... very fair pricing as well. Dr. Sacks is great with the kids, we enjoyed seeing him at each visit. Will come back for my son and maybe even me!!!!"

Review Verified on 2/20/2018
"Everyone at the practice is welcoming, professional and has great patient care. We have been coming for 4 years and they are always warm, friendly and accommodating. My children never worried about coming here in fact they loved it! Have recommended them to a few friends who have had equally great experience. Will continue recommending this wonderful place."

Review Verified on 2/9/2018
"Dr Sacks and his entire staff (especially the spectacular Magda!) are outstanding! My daughter Lauren looked forward to every appointment. They made the whole process fun, painless and quick. We are thrilled with the result and could not recommend Dr. Sacks and his team enough!!!"

Review Verified on 2/1/2018
"Dr Sacks and his entire team were a pleasure to deal with. They treated my son with kindness throughout the process. No surprises. We are very thankful and would recommend them to any parent considering braces for their child. In a year my daughter will be here!"

Review Verified on 1/31/2018
"The whole office staff and Dr Sacks were wonderful and made the braces process easy and smooth"

Review Verified on 1/31/2018

Review Verified on 1/30/2018
"Really professional! Staff is very receptive and loving. They remember your name everytime you come in. Dr. Sacks always sees you at every appointment. Stick with him and you’ll get your braces off sooner than you think!"

Review Verified on 1/25/2018
"dr sacks and his staff did a great job, from start to finish!"

Review Verified on 1/17/2018
"Dr Sacks is the best in the business. He is honest and isn't going to sell you services you dont need. And there's never any pressure. He's also great with kids. Even though he is the only practitioner, his office is run extremely efficiently. And we love Magda. She's the best assistant in the office. She can pacify and work with the toughest of patients:). We would recommend Dr. sacks without hesitation!"

Review Verified on 12/27/2017
"Dr. Sacks and his staff are amazing. He has worked on all three of my kids and we couldn’t be any happier with the results. He has always been very helpful and accommodating to us. We love him and would highly recommend him to family and friends."

Review Verified on 12/18/2017
"Big thanks to Dr. Sacks and his amazing staff. We love Matt's new smile. It was a wonderful experience. Dr. Sacks is simply the best!!!!"

Review Verified on 12/5/2017
"Love Dr. Sacks and the entire staff. They have been professional and great with my kids."

Review Verified on 11/29/2017
"Our whole family -- parents and kids -- come to Dr. Sacks for help. Straight teeth all around!"

Review Verified on 11/17/2017
"Amazing office! Lovely front desk staff and every assistant is well trained!"

Review Verified on 11/15/2017
"Excellent service! Very nice and friendly office! Thank you Dr. Sacks!"

Review Verified on 11/15/2017
"Great service and great smiles"

Review Verified on 11/15/2017
"My daughter had the worse teeth ever and Dr Sacks made them perfect. Very nice office and staff is amazing. I highly recommend Dr Sacks."

Review Verified on 11/15/2017
"Dr. Sacks and his team are kind, efficient and did a great job for our family!"

Review Verified on 11/13/2017
"Both of our children were taken care of by Dr Sacks and we are very happy with the results. Dr. Sacks and his staff are very pleasant, friendly and professional."

Review Verified on 11/6/2017
"Love my boys smiles!"

Review Verified on 10/20/2017
"Dr Sacks and his office staff are awesome!!! They are always friendly and my sons appointments were always on time. I am now a patient with my Invisalign and could not be happier with my results so far. I highly recommend Dr Sacks"

Review Verified on 10/17/2017
"Beautiful office Wonderful staff Amazing results Thank You Dr.Sacks!"

Review Verified on 10/11/2017
"highly recommend Dr Sacks and his team...friendly, helpful and always on time!"

Review Verified on 10/11/2017
"You always get good service when we are there. I would definitely recommend to others."

Review Verified on 10/10/2017
"Great doctor and staff. Knowledgeable pleasant and kids like coming here."

Review Verified on 10/6/2017
"Dr. Sacks is such a wonderful orthodontist. He is so great at making my anxious son comfortable. We are thrilled the office staff too."

Review Verified on 10/4/2017
"My daughter had a great experience with Dr Sacks. Thank you Dr Sacks for everything you did in the past year. You are a great doctor. We will miss you."

Review Verified on 10/4/2017
"The facility is very clean. Doctor and staff very nice and helpful. Appointment time is always very accurate. Overall we are very satisfied with the service."

Review Verified on 10/3/2017
"Excellent doctor and professional staff"

Review Verified on 10/3/2017
"We love Sacks! The staff is so friendly and they were always able to accommodate our crazy schedule. The office is very modern, beautiful and clean all the time! Waiting is the highlight of my 5 year olds day- they provide video games and or movies for siblings to watch!! Can only say good things about them! I would definitely recommend Dr. Sacks to anyone looking for an orthodontist!!"

Review Verified on 10/3/2017
"Halle's teeth look beautiful. Many thanks to Dr. Sacks and his staff."

Review Verified on 10/2/2017
"We have had a wonderful experience w Dr. Sacks. Very happy."

Review Verified on 9/20/2017
Reviews 169 - 210 of 465

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